Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Holiday season.....Tis the time when everyone is supposed to be happy for their family and spread holiday cheer. Well that was before Long Island was populated by a shit load of idiots....Traffic and shopping make this the worst time to be out and about. I was at Walmart today and some lady in front of me is complaining that they didnt honor her coupon of 1 dollar off on a gift she was buying. One freakin dollar!!!! There was 10 people behind her including myself who had to wait 15 minutes for the manager to come over with his key and redo her purchase. I got so frustrated I pulled out a dollar and said "hey lady, here ya go, anything to speed this along!" Needless to say she didnt take it so well and started to rant at me about being patient and something about the value of money. Real annoying speech from a very annoying person. I bet you all could describe what she looks like without even seeing her. Because she fit the stereotype of a person who would bitch about a dollar. Any guesses guys?

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Rubino's RAGE

You have come to the place to hear and see all things RUBINO.

His opionins on The war, Freinds, family, Politics, Fantasy Football, how much he wants to kick Mike Grossman's ass just because he knows he can.

Come to see what is going on in the Stealth Mind of John rubino and what makes him Tic, tic, tic.